The New Student Orientation provides an introduction to college life and includes the following topics:

  • Information on the steps you must take to become a student at Keweenaw Bay Ojibwa Community College (KBOCC)
  • An Introduction to the support services provided to students at KBOCC.
  • Information on certificate programs and Associate Degree requirements
  • Tips on how to be successful in college
  • An introduction to Student Life and Activities
  • Information on important policies governing student conduct and rights

Orientation is MANDATORY for all new students at KBOCC. Your Orientation requirement may only be met by completing orientation Online.

Online Orientation:
Online orientation will take about one hour of your time but can be completed in more than one visit. Computers are available in the Computer Lab to complete the online orientation.

To Begin Go To:
New Student Online Orientation - You must click this link if you plan to attend KBOCC and wish to go onto the next step in the enrollment process. You must have already applied to the college to participate in the Online Orientation as a new student to KBOCC.

New Student Handbook:
KBOCC publishes a Student Handbook that is available online. The handbook provides additional information about the areas in the New Student Online Orientation. You may view the online version by following the link below.